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Example Of Play

PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:41 am
by FM
This is a sample log from my test session posted here for the benefit of allowing players to get a feel for how the game plays overall. While this example is based on the first Beta instead of the current Second, and it's not a flawless example of play, it has a balance of dicerolling and roleplaying that should help you get a feel for it all, how Damage Steps work, how the Initiative order changes based on Initiative Increase, and all of that stuff.

If you need/want to know what the players and designs in this game are, I can encourage the guys to post them in the Magus Record. But the short version is: Hermes is a melee type with a high output projector, Astrapios is a sniper-type model, and Tornado Fang uses dual linear guns and a superheated blade.

[19:17] <FM> Anyway. Let me give a synopsis of the plot of the last game. After a somewhat disasterous trial by fire at the Brandenburg Gate in which Vinzu, Hermes' pilot, was fired from the New Berlin Mechapolizei, three pilots, including Henry AKA Scarlet Fang, were recruited into Horizon to serve as the Mages on the new Reciprocity-class airborne aircraft carrier, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
[19:18] <FM> The three of them flew to the Megafloat, a huge floating city in Southeast Asia near Singapore, in order to perform some testing for Neucom. This all went wrong when it was discovered that Neucom's latest powered armor model was connected with the Data Angels. The party chose to associate with a group known as the Global Revolutionary System, an anti-Neucom guerrilla group, and gathered evidence of(c)
[19:19] <FM> their wrongdoing. Now, they need to chase down three Mages - Hitoshura in SE Asia, Rising Seraphim in New Berlin, and Black Color in Ibiza.
[19:20] <FM> Right now, the Trudeau is docked in the Northern Lights service facility, deep in the Ural mountains, while they wait for the next move. Sadly, due to the collapse of Harvest Earth, Tobias Bernen, the Harvest Wind, had his APU repossessed.
[19:21] <FM> (That's the old third test player's character, for the record.)
[19:21] <Henry> Nice cover.
[19:21] <O1011001> (figured as much)
[19:23] <FM> While the Trudeau is under refuel and refit, the crew is getting some well-deserved rest from the battles they've been through. The Captain, Andrew S. Law, is enjoying a smoke outside and recieving his usual report from the brass at Horizon HQ in Morant. The man is an old veteran of the ESAF and a capable commander, with a thick black beard. He's also expecting a new Magus to be flown in...
[19:26] <FM> (This is where you guys come in?)
[19:28] * O1011001 is now known as Felix
[19:30] <Felix> (everyone still here?)
[19:30] <FM> (I think so? Taco disappears at random due to family issues but Henry still should be)
[19:31] * Henry sat in one of the lounges, reading over reports, listening to the sound of the pulse modulators as they sent energy to the engines. One pilot down, but a new one coming; the veteran soldier wondered what the kid would be like. Even if he was older, he tended to refer to everyone as 'kid'.
[19:31] <Taco_Hell> (Naw, I'm good)
[19:31] * Taco_Hell is now known as Vinzu
[19:34] * Vinzu steps outside to join Andrew. He is a bit younger than the captain but still somewhere around his later 40s, maybe in his 50s. He casually walks to the captain with a wave of hello. "Yo Captin', ya still smoke those?" He says as he nods to the cigaret.
[19:36] <FM> "My wife used to tell me to quit. I suppose she still would. Right now, we're waiting on the transport for the new pilot." He grins a little at Vinzu. "Officially, we've been condemned as a rogue part of the organization and our actions against Neucom will not be tolerated. Unofficially...they're telling us to give 'em hell and find out just what the Data Angels have up their sleeve."
[19:39] <Vinzu> "Tryin' to save face eh? Not that it'd blame 'em. Kinda hard to do business when ya openly support a group like us. Especially with my old ass in the pilot sit. So, who's the crazy bastard that decided to join us?"
[19:41] * Henry had a sense for things and right now that prompted him to set the reports aside, and follow the guides on the wall to the docking bay. Whether it was now or ten minutes or ten hours to wait he'd be there to get a look at the new guy--and get him to the right place.
[19:41] <FM> (Now's a good time for entry, Binary...)
[19:42] <Felix> (oh, thought you were gonna announce the transport came)
[19:42] <FM> (I thought you'd just walk on the scene? Oh well)
[19:42] <Felix> (doing so right now)
[19:44] * Felix steps off the transport as soon as it arrives. He's a mid twenty-something, and looks fresh out of military academy/ Appraising those in front of him for a few uncomfortable seconds, he gives Law a crisp salute. "You are the commanding officer, yes? Captain Law?"
[19:46] <FM> "At ease, soldier. Straight off the ESAF recruiting line, huh? Osiris has never let me down, though." Osiris is Horizon's unofficial recruiter - he has a knack for finding the most talented pilots and giving them a chance to shine. "But yes, I am Captain Law, of the good ship Trudeau."
[19:47] * Felix eases up. Slightly.
[19:48] * Felix then turns to Vinzu. "Are you one of the Magi stationed here, then?"
[19:48] * Vinzu stares at the recruit for some time, before breaking into a smile. "A recruit huh? Been a long time since I saw one of ya. Seems like they didn't relax on how they train ya though." He says noting the man's inability to relax.
[19:49] <Felix> "Yes. Well."
[19:49] <Henry> "Green as hell. I hope he doesn't get us killed."
[19:50] <Felix> "Your confidence is appreciated."
[19:50] <Vinzu> "Yup, ya can call me Vinzu, Old Man, whatever ya like." He said with a shrug before being completely taken by surprise at Henry, not noticing. "God damn! The hell ya come from?"
[19:51] <Henry> "It's a well-kept secret. Guardian pilots pride themselves on being fast and quiet."
[19:52] <FM> "Tobias was green too, and he performed well. Admittedly, I think miss Okuda is more comfortable now that he's gone." Miss Okuda being Himeko, the ship's IWACS operator and a constant voice on the comm. "I'm confident in your abilities, Felix." Over in the distance, the Astrapios is being loaded into the Trudeau's massive hangar bay.
[19:53] <Felix> "Thank you, sir."
[19:54] <Henry> "Yeah, and Tobias was also good at making mistakes. I'd rather get this guy into some training missions so we can see how badly they messed him up."
[19:55] <Vinzu> "I'm sure you'll fit in just fine newbie. Oh! Word of advice: never hit on the comm girl, always ends badly."
[19:55] <Felix> "Noted."
[19:57] <FM> Law didn't say much, simply finishing his smoke...before he heard a beep on his comm in his pocket. Fishing it out, he listened...and frowned. "Damn! We have enemy contacts already. They're right on top of us. IWACS jamming is heavy in the mountains, but they found us anyway."
[19:59] <Vinzu> "Well that was fast, time to shine newbie." He said as he pats Felix's shoulders and runs to the hangar. As fast as a 50 year old man can anyway. "Why couldn't we have teleporters? Would be so much easier if we could just teleport." He grumbled as he made his way.
[19:59] <Felix> "Let's not keep them waiting."
[19:59] * Felix heads off to Astapios.
[20:00] <Felix> (*astr)
[20:00] <Henry> "Because, Vinzu, the last thing you want is for a malfunction to spread your atoms across the solar system. By the way, Law, I've decided to retire the name "Scarlet Fang", at least in reference to my machine. Please have it logged that it has been redesignated as "Tornado Fang" if you'd be so kind."
[20:02] <FM> Law nods, as the modifications have changed the machine's config considerably. In any case, the Astapios is already loaded with ordinance, and the other two Magus mechs have been kept at ready status since leaving Southeast Asia just in case of this eventuality. The ship's chief mechanic, Alistair Granger, is an...eccentric man from the Jovian frontier, wearing large glasses and long blonde hair(c)
[20:02] <FM> and always seeming not quite right in the head. Still, when duty calls, like now, he is serious enough. "Guys, guys! There's only four contacts. I don't know what they're gonna do with four units, but we're not bothering to deploy anyone but you guys! High speed transports are ready outside!" High speed transports being supersonic planes designed for dropping APUs in a hurry, when a chopper is too(c)
[20:02] <FM> slow or vulnerable.
[20:03] <Henry> "Remember when we'd open up with guns and missiles? This new stuff just makes war tedious."
[20:05] * Vinzu climbs on top of his APU, Hermes. A bright yellow APU with red and blue highlights. On the right shoulder had a hound biting into a chain, and the left shoulder had the sillhoute of a man running, with wings on his feet and hat. "Hey Ali, did ya install the new tank I asked for?" He asks as he begins to connect to the machine.
[20:06] * Retrieving #megafloat modes...
[20:06] * Waiting 9 seconds for previous request
[20:07] * Henry sighed as the cockpit shell closed around him and the Tornado's eyes flashed, showing the optics were online. The machine wasn't 100% new, but new enough that he hadn't quite gotten a feel for the adjustments yet.
[20:09] <FM> "Sure did!" Alistair says with a thumbs up. "Just remember to give them hell for me, okay? Engineering's having a tough time out there, even me!" He laughs, a little, and then looks to Felix. "Don't worry, new guy! I'll be gentle with Ast...Astro...Astrap...Astroman! Wait, no, that's not it."
[20:09] <Henry> "Just get us loaded, Al."
[20:09] * Felix boards Astrapios, as the eyes shine bright white. The machine's parts look newish, but not quite immediately. "Astrapios. Her name is Astrapios."
[20:11] <FM> "Astrapios! Ha ha! Okay, you're all ready to go. Just head to the transports over to the south and load yourselves in." And once you guys are loaded, the three high-speed supersonic transport planes take off with a roar to the south toward the enemy contacts. ETA is two minutes.
[20:12] * Vinzu grins as he finally turns on the mech. The reactor humming as inside the cockpit, Vinzu can finally see the outside. "Good, gonna keep the old girl happy, otherwise I wouldn't keep up with you young'ns." He says before loading himself in the transport.
[20:13] <Henry> "Stick close to Vinzu, kid. I'm going to approach from the flank and try to scout out the enemy disposition before engaging." Loaded into the carrier, Fang rumbled impatiently, as if the machine knew it was headed into combat.
[20:16] <FM> Once everyone was taken off, a voice buzzed in their ear, a chirpy young female. "IWACS Thunderbolt online. Whew, and here I thought I was gonna have a break...anyway, radar info is scarce and cloud cover is interfering with satellite imagery. It's curious, though. I don't think it's a large number of enemy contacts."
[20:18] <Felix> "That is curious, at best."
[20:18] <Vinzu> "Yeah, Ali said the same damn thin'. Only four enemies, so that's two things. One, they're scouts or two, they're just that damn good." His old voice crackled on the radio.
[20:19] <Henry> "I'd bet on them being scouts. Approaching drop zone. Fang deploying!"
[20:20] <FM> The good news is, deep in this valley to the south, there's only three Sportwalkers. The bad news is...they're all equipped with huge linear cannons and they're accompanied by a familiar face. "WHERE'S HARVEST WIND?!" he shouts - the orange and white variable flight type unit could only be Deep Striker, one of the Neucom Mages that the others met during their time in the Megafloat.
[20:21] <Henry> "Oh, we kicked him out. Insufferable asshole, like you."
[20:23] <Vinzu> "He's gonna get himself kid one of these days. Alright newbie, time for the show! Remember no guts, no glory!" He says as Hermes jumps out of the transport, using his boosters to soften the landing. He surveys his surrounding before seeing the APU. "Oh joy, here I thought it was gonna be boring. Too bad for ya, the kid got shit luck so ya'll just have to be happy with us."
[20:23] <FM> "I bet you didn't know there's a bounty on your heads from Neucom now! And Venture isn't here to hold be back this time! Prepare yourselves!" Roll Initiative, everyone! It's time for the battle! The large linear cannons on the Sportwalkers will be an issue if you're not careful, but the most dangerous element by far is Deep Striker. He's a cocky-ass kid, but he's still a Magus!
[20:23] * Felix calmly says, "Copy," before disengaging the transport.
[20:24] <Felix> 3d6+21
[20:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Felix, 3d6+21: 29 [3d6=3,1,4]
[20:25] <Vinzu> 3d6+17
[20:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, 3d6+17: 28 [3d6=1,5,5]
[20:25] <Henry> 3d6+14
[20:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 3d6+14: 26 [3d6=3,5,4]
[20:26] <FM> Current battle order: Astrapios, Hermes, Deep Striker, Tornado Fang, and then the Sportwalkers. Astrapios is the first to act.
[20:28] <Henry> "Double-team that son of a bitch, I'll worry about the walkers and then join you."
[20:28] * Felix 's machine hardly moves, except its rising right arm, on which a large rifle is evident. "Copy."
[20:29] <Felix> (using I Never Miss, so no attack roll)
[20:29] <Felix> 12d6+36 to Deep Striker
[20:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Felix, to Deep Striker: 76 [12d6=3,6,6,6,4,3,1,1,3,2,1,4]
[20:29] <FM> Deep Striker uses Split-Second Dodge to counter your ability.
[20:29] <Felix> 3d6+13 then
[20:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Felix, then: 26 [3d6=6,3,4]
[20:29] <FM> 3d6+9
[20:29] <DiceMaid-9001> FM, 3d6+9: 22 [3d6=6,3,4]
[20:29] <FM> You still hit!
[20:30] <Felix> (I think that's all I can do?)
[20:30] <Vinzu> Roll damage
[20:30] <FM> He already did.
[20:30] <Vinzu> Oh did he?
[20:31] * Vinzu feels like an idiot
[20:31] <FM> Next up is Hermes.
[20:31] <Vinzu> (Can I use melee against Deep Striker?)
[20:31] <FM> Deep Striker suffers a huge gash in its armor from the blow, most of it knocked off already. He's something of a chump..."Damn! Should've reinforced the armor plating..." But then, he wasn't that dangerous in the test battle they had, either. "But I won't die! I'll show Venture AND Neucom!"
[20:32] <Vinzu> (Alright, using one of my no defense)
[20:33] <Vinzu> 3d6+9
[20:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, 3d6+9: 19 [3d6=6,1,3]
[20:33] <FM> He's equipped with an arc projector, there's no need. So I'll redact that. He CAN, however, use One of My Many Skills, to roll 4d6 and drop a die.
[20:33] <FM> 4d6+6 counterattack
[20:33] <DiceMaid-9001> FM, counterattack: 18 [4d6=5,5,1,1]
[20:34] <FM> Uuuuu...so close! He suffers 1 Damage Step of damage.
[20:34] <FM> Erm
[20:34] <FM> One damage step above Base.
[20:35] <Vinzu> [16d6+48] COUNTERBASE DAMAGE
[20:35] <Vinzu> 16d6+48 COUNTERBASE DAMAGE
[20:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, COUNTERBASE DAMAGE: 112 [16d6=2,6,2,4,5,6,3,5,3,6,5,6,3,2,3,3]
[20:36] <FM> You get another 4d6+12, too.
[20:36] <Vinzu> 4d6+12 Damage Step
[20:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, Damage Step: 27 [4d6=6,3,2,4]
[20:36] <FM> Not that you need it. He's already dead.
[20:36] <Vinzu> (Now he's extra dead! HAHA!)
[20:37] <FM> And I do mean dead..."No..." Before he can even know he's fallen, Deep Striker's APU is slashed in half completely by Vinzu's projector, his gaping armor plating providing no protection at all against the energy blade. The Sportwalkers stop in disbelief...but they still have a job to do and they're still here to get paid.
[20:38] <FM> Deep Striker has been eliminated...and won't be coming back.
[20:38] <Henry> "Well, that went quick. Now all we have to worry about is these walkers. If they get in range they can make things hell for the carrier. Luckily they go down faster than loudmouth Mages who don't adjust their machine for a mission profile." No love lost there, and no tears shed for the mercenary.
[20:39] <FM> It's your turn, Henry, so attack whoever you like.
[20:40] * Vinzu sighs almost in dissapointment. "Well, that was easy. Hope ya guys can be more entertaining than him." He said as he he looks at the Sportswalker, his blue energy blade still humming in tune with his reactor.
[20:41] <Henry> Going for the lead Sportwalker, Henry opens up with his guns, meaning to weaken it before breaking it down with his blade.
[20:41] <Henry> 3d6+6 Double-barreled fusillade
[20:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Double-barreled fusillade: 20 [3d6=5,4,5]
[20:42] <FM> The Sportwalker weaves and dodges, taking blows and avoiding them in equal measure. The four-legged machine is charging its gun for a strike, already aiming at Henry's machine.
[20:42] <FM> Difference between Attack and Passive Evasion is 0. Roll Base Damage.
[20:44] <Henry> 6d6 puttin holes in ya
[20:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, puttin holes in ya: 21 [6d6=6,6,4,1,3,1]
[20:45] <Henry> and now for that melee strike.
[20:45] <Henry> 3d6+7
[20:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 3d6+7: 19 [3d6=3,6,3]
[20:46] <FM> Wait, you're using Opening Move?
[20:46] <Henry> uh, yeah.
[20:46] * Henry should've been more clear
[20:46] <Felix> (figured that was implied in the description)
[20:47] <FM> Oh, okay. Just remember to declare it by name. Anyway, your melee attack hits the defender's Passive Melee Defense of 14 for 5 Damage Steps.
[20:48] <Henry> 10d6 Like a knife through butter
[20:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Like a knife through butter: 33 [10d6=5,5,3,1,2,5,1,6,4,1]
[20:49] <FM> Your Initiative is reduced to 11, but the Sportwalker's armor is heavily gashed. It thrashes and doubles back on its rollers to get out of range, but the damage is already done.
[20:49] <FM> But now, it's the turn of the Sportwalkers. Each of their huge cannons has been pointing at each one of you, and they strike with a supersonic boom!
[20:49] <FM> 3d6+6 versus Hermes
[20:49] <DiceMaid-9001> FM, versus Hermes: 15 [3d6=4,2,3]
[20:49] <FM> STRAIGHT!
[20:49] <FM> That's an autohit and possibly a critical!
[20:50] <FM> 3d6+6 versus Astrapios
[20:50] <DiceMaid-9001> FM, versus Astrapios: 21 [3d6=6,4,5]
[20:50] <FM> Another straight!
[20:50] <Felix> (oh my)
[20:50] <FM> 3d6+6 versus Tornado Fang
[20:50] <DiceMaid-9001> FM, versus Tornado Fang: 18 [3d6=6,4,2]
[20:51] <FM> But it's not a hat trick, luckily enough. Give me your Evasion rolls, see if you can even the odds with Straights of your own.
[20:51] <Felix> 3d6+9
[20:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Felix, 3d6+9: 16 [3d6=2,3,2]
[20:51] <Henry> 3d6+15
[20:51] <Vinzu> 3d6+15
[20:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 3d6+15: 27 [3d6=6,5,1]
[20:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, 3d6+15: 29 [3d6=5,4,5]
[20:52] <FM> Tornado Fang evades the attack, the linear round embedding into the ground just beside it. But the others...
[20:52] <FM> 15d6 versus Astrapios
[20:52] <DiceMaid-9001> FM, versus Astrapios: 47 [15d6=2,1,2,3,4,2,4,3,4,6,5,2,2,5,2]
[20:52] <FM> 15d6 versus Hermes
[20:52] <DiceMaid-9001> FM, versus Hermes: 54 [15d6=5,1,4,6,6,3,5,5,1,1,4,3,3,4,3]
[20:53] <Vinzu> (Using Invincible)
[20:53] * Henry doesn't even bother to use his more fancy tricks, simply side-stepping as he sees the discharge buildup.
[20:53] <FM> Hermes suffers only 27 damage, while Astrapios suffers 47. Bad luck there, guys.
[20:54] <FM> ...actually...it's worse, because Felix didn't evade the hit normally eithr.
[20:54] <FM> So we roll...on the critical table!
[20:54] <FM> 1d6
[20:55] <DiceMaid-9001> FM, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
[20:55] <FM> So Astrapios actually suffers another 47 damage.
[20:55] <Felix> (is it too late to declare a defense maneuver?)
[20:55] <FM> (Split Second Dodge might save you from the double damage.)
[20:55] <Felix> (that was my intention, yeah)
[20:55] * Vinzu grunts as Hermes creaks and moans under the attack. "Comon now, we've been through worse, hold together..." He murmurs to his machine as not only did it seem to hold together, but maybe it's because of its old metal, or all the attacks it has survived, but it almost seemed to know how to best absorb the damage.
[20:55] <FM> Well, WILL save you. Go ahead.
[20:56] <Felix> (doing it, then, taking 47 instead)
[20:58] <FM> Next round! The new battle order is Astrapios, Hermes, Tornado Fang, and then the Sportwalkers again.
[21:00] <Felix> 3d6+13 firing on one of the undamaged ones with the sniper, using One Shot Kill
[21:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Felix, firing on one of the undamaged ones with the sniper, using One Shot Kill: 26 [3d6=6,1,6]
[21:01] <FM> That's...how much damage?
[21:01] <Felix> (should be 117 assuming APU spec comes in here)
[21:02] <Felix> (108 if not)
[21:03] <FM> Sportwalkers aren't APUs, but unique self-built machines based on sport mechs - thus the name. They're used primarily by guerrilla and terrorist forces, because they aren't built to military specifications. Or, in short, no.
[21:03] <Felix> (108 then)
[21:04] <FM> Anyway, 108 damage. The Sportwalker siezes up, thrashing about as the sniper blow takes out one of its batteries, causing structural damage all over the machine as it sparks. It's not recovering from THAT anytime soon.
[21:04] <Felix> (Sportwalkers count as Guerrila, noted)
[21:05] <Felix> 3d6+13 chaining vs. the next undamaged, second OSK used
[21:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Felix, chaining vs. the next undamaged, second OSK used: 23 [3d6=6,1,3]
[21:06] <FM> Oh...wait, no, you can't do that yet. The first one isn't destroyed.
[21:06] <FM> Heavily damaged, but not destroyed.
[21:06] <FM> I should be more clear in these fluff posts.
[21:07] <Felix> (oh, thought you meant it was gone. carry on)
[21:08] <FM> It's now Hermes' turn.
[21:08] <Vinzu> (How many are left? 1? 2?)
[21:09] <FM> All three still remain. One is heavily damaged, one is undamaged, and one is moderately damaged.
[21:09] <Henry> (3. 2 damaged, one not. I think.)
[21:10] <Vinzu> Ah
[21:10] <Vinzu> Then I shall use No Defense on the undamaged one!
[21:10] <Vinzu> 3d6+9 To the undamaged
[21:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, To the undamaged: 14 [3d6=2,2,1]
[21:11] * Vinzu shakes his fist and curses the heavens. JULIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[21:11] <FM> All it has is a Passive Defense, so you automatically hit for maximum damage.
[21:11] <FM> Maximum Damage Steps, rather.
[21:11] <Vinzu> (Oh okay)
[21:11] <Vinzu> Question
[21:11] <Vinzu> Since it's 6 damage steps
[21:12] <Vinzu> Do I also multiply the +bonus? Or just the dice?
[21:12] <FM> The bonus too.
[21:12] <Vinzu> 24d6+72 DAMAGE
[21:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, DAMAGE: 151 [24d6=5,5,3,4,5,1,1,6,6,4,2,2,4,1,3,6,3,2,6,3,2,2,1,2]
[21:13] <FM> BLAM! In a single blow, you cut off two of its legs, forcing it to the ground and forcing the cockpit to slam against the floor, completely incapacitating the unit. That's definitely a kill, and you get a chain for that one.
[21:17] <Vinzu> (Awesome)
[21:18] <Vinzu> 3d6+9 TO THE MODERATE DAMAGED ONE!
[21:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, TO THE MODERATE DAMAGED ONE!: 22 [3d6=2,5,6]
[21:18] <Vinzu> JULIAAAAAAAA! Even after death you still hunt me! You couldn't give me a 4, NO! IT HAD TO BE A 2!
[21:18] <Vinzu> (haunt even)
[21:20] <FM> Sorry, was AFK for a bit.
[21:20] <FM> You get in a 2 damage step hit!
[21:20] <Vinzu> 12d6+24
[21:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, 12d6+24: 66 [12d6=4,1,2,5,2,4,5,5,4,3,5,2]
[21:21] <FM> Erm, no, that'd be 8d6+24, not 12d6.
[21:21] <Vinzu> Oh you're right
[21:21] <Vinzu> The fuck I was thinking?
[21:21] <Vinzu> 8d6+24
[21:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Vinzu, 8d6+24: 51 [8d6=3,6,3,5,4,1,3,2]
[21:22] <FM> The moderately damaged unit suffers a heavy blow and is Stunned! However, you don't get to act anymore, so now the turn passes on to Henry.
[21:23] <Henry> No need to even guess, as his attention is going to stay on the unit that he'd damaged. It was just a matter of course that if you hit something you kept hitting it until it dropped.
[21:24] <Henry> 3d6+10
[21:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 3d6+10: 19 [3d6=3,2,4]
[21:24] <FM> That's a -1 hit.
[21:25] <FM> Roll base damage -1 damage step.
[21:25] <FM> ...wait, no!
[21:25] <FM> In fact
[21:25] <FM> That's a straight!
[21:25] <FM> Roll on the critical table!
[21:25] <FM> That's a 1d6
[21:25] <Henry> 1d6
[21:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 1d6: 2 [1d6=2]
[21:25] <FM> Roll double your maximum damage steps.
[21:26] <Henry> How much is that? Let's just say it's a killshot, huh? :P
[21:26] <Henry> (really need to write down my max damage steps)
[21:27] <FM> That's 12d6 damage. Technically I shouldn't have given you the critical because your weapon has a range of 0/0, but...
[21:27] * Vinzu quickly turns on the boosters, the colors of it being green as he attacks an unspecting Sportswalker, slashing its legs in one shot. However, the reactor rumbled, as if it can do another. The one Henry shot before got on his sights as he rushes it and tries to end it in one hit. But he seemed he rushed it too much as he didn't cut the most vital part. "Ya think after being so old,
[21:27] * Vinzu I'd stop being so quick to the triger."
[21:27] <FM> I'm feeling generous. Also I'm the one who screwed up this time.
[21:27] <Henry> 12d6 Double Deuce!
[21:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Double Deuce!: 41 [12d6=1,6,5,6,2,3,3,2,1,6,5,1]
[21:28] <FM> A killing blow on the Sportwalker! It falls to pieces, its limbs and head falling apart at the seams as its structural integrity is compromised from the heavy linear shots. Go ahead and chain to the next unit.
[21:28] <FM> Might I suggest melee?
[21:29] <Henry> Of course. There's no question that he must strike hard and fast, causing immense devastation as is his name. Boosters flare and the edge of his blade glows, searing the air as he brings it through in a swing.
[21:29] <Henry> 3d6+7
[21:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 3d6+7: 15 [3d6=1,2,5]
[21:31] <FM> Unfortunately, the Sportwalker that remains still has some moves left, weaving to the left and right to avoid the melee hit before disengaging from range. As though to punish Henry for his insolence it takes aim and fires at -him- directly.
[21:31] <FM> 3d6+6
[21:31] <DiceMaid-9001> FM, 3d6+6: 13 [3d6=1,5,1]
[21:31] <FM> But that's probably not going to hit.
[21:31] <Henry> 3d6+15 Nope.avi
[21:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Nope.avi: 28 [3d6=6,5,2]
[21:32] <FM> Complete miss, that.
[21:33] <Henry> The swing missed but the thrust carried Henry and his machine well out of the threat range before the shot could leave the barrel, making the driver of that walker look pretty stupid.
[21:33] <FM> New Battle Order: Astrapios, Hermes, Tornado Fang, Sportwalker. Not long now before it falls, is it?
[21:34] <Felix> (how damaged is the last one?)
[21:34] <Vinzu> (Isn't it about to die?)
[21:35] <Felix> (yeah, thought so)
[21:35] <Felix> (using I Never Miss)
[21:35] <Felix> 12d6+36 damage
[21:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Felix, damage: 74 [12d6=4,6,3,2,2,3,6,3,1,1,5,2]
[21:36] <FM> With that final blow, all targets are eliminated, as this third one falls to its knees and siezes up, trying to make one last roar and firing its cyclic vulcan guns wildly in the air before coming to rest. "All targets confirmed down," Himeko said, breathing a sigh of relief. "That Deep Striker...poor kid."
[21:37] <FM> "Looks like the Sportwalkers were from a local mercenary company. He was acting independently."
[21:38] <Henry> "No point in crying over it. Awaiting pickup at the designated RV point." Sheathing the blade and disengaging his guns Henry turned his machine and began to head off to the pickup point. "He knew the risks and he took them anyway so it's not for us to mourn."
[21:38] <Felix> "Right."
[21:39] <Vinzu> "Can't do much about him now there girly. Maybe if he didn't choose to fight against us, he woulda made for a good pilot. Won't know now though. Oh hey newbie, good work out there. Wouldn't have been able to bring him down without ya." He says as his blue energy blade finally turns off. "Any more news or do we go home?"
[21:39] <FM> "Recovery chopper is on its way. Good work, everyone."
[21:39] <FM> Aaaaaaand we're done!