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The Scarlet Fang

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:33 pm
by Trace
If there is one thing that everyone should know about Henry Schader it is that he likes to finish the job.

Born to an agricultural family the young Henry had often dreamed of bigger things, better things, and was frequently known to distract himself with toys and games of a war-themed nature. At an early age he showed a good affinity for the critical thinking required of a career solder, and in his late teens had already completed two JROTC programs in the ESAF. After graduating high school he enlisted straight away, joining the army under its Guardian program and was soon assigned to the only commander he'd ever have, Rachel Scarlet.

Placed on a squadron that had reorganized itself into a loose reconnaissance force, then-Corporal Schader served through three campaigns with Captain Scarlet and her crew, attaining the rank of Lieutenant by the end of his career. It isn't often talked about, but the captain he so loved had been court-martialed and imprisoned following an incident that claimed dozens of civilian lives, all as a measure to protect her squad from reciprocation. With this disgrace weighing heavily on his mind, Henry quit the Guardian Force and became a drifter for a time, until he met another woman that would change his life even further.

This woman was the pilot of the APU Ice Slasher, and inspired by her, Henry began working himself up as a Magus. His first machine in his partnership with her did not have a name, nor did he have a callsign; to her he was just "partner", learning from her even as he watched her back. It wasn't until later that Henry would name his machine, the second APU he piloted known as Scarlet Fang. Paired with this mid-range support vehicle his reputation only expanded, sometimes being called Slasher's Shadow, but more often known only as Henry. Building up the image of an aloof marauder, Henry followed his lover across the globe, serving alongside her for nearly three years.

It isn't said exactly when he parted from her, but what is known is that recently Henry adopted the name Scarlet Fang as his callsign, and was recently seen piloting a new machine. This third APU, Tornado Fang, continues him in his preferred role of general support, though the few who have seen it in action so far described it as having an incredible level of agility...

Whether he stays on with his current contract or abandons it to freelance again remains to be seen.


Pilot Name: Henry Schader
Callsign: Scarlet Fang
APU Name: Tornado Fang
Color Scheme: Viridian on the main plating, Gold trim
Sensor Color: Blue
Right Shoulder Emblem (Contract): Horizon Irregulars
Left Shoulder Emblem (Personal): none

Head Unit: APU-03[H]
Torso Module: APU-02[T]
Arms: APU-01[A]
Legs: APU-01[L]
Reactor Unit: APU/T-01[R]
Engine: APU-02[E]

Right Hand: Superheated blade
Left Hand: empty
Right Forearm: Medium Linear cannon
Left Forearm: Medium Linear cannon
Back Slots: Heavy Vernier
Missile Slot: Medium Vernier
Weight Point Total: 4+10+3=17
Weight Point Usage: 3+1+1+4+6+2=17

Pilot Traits:

Magus Points: 20
Skill Points: 11

Magus Points Spending:
+100% armor
+5 reaction speed
+5 melee defense

Skill Points Spending:
Opening Move (x3)
First Strike (x2)

Legend Dice: 1
Cost: Not calculated (Expense deducted from current contract fees)

Combat statistics
Armor Points: 15+20+30+30=95(+95)=190
Laminate Points : 7+20+30+60=117
Stun Threshold: 6+8=14
Full Stun Threshold: 42+9=51
Evasion Bonus: 3+3+5+3+1=15
Initiative Bonus: 3+6+5=14
Initiative Increase: 13
Melee Defense: 3+3 = 6+5=11
Missile Launch Limit: 1

Arm-mounted Linear Guns
Attack Roll : 3d6+2 Accuracy+8 Reaction = 3d6+10
= 3d6+6 two-weapons
Base Damage (Armor): 6d6, armor
Damage Step: 6d6
Damage Range: 0/0

Superheated Blade
Attack Roll : 3+3 melee+1 Trait = 3d6+7
Damage Step (Armor) : 2d6
Defend Base Damage: 0
Defend Damage Range: 0/+8
Counter Base Damage: 10d6
Counter Damage Range: -4/+3
Defense Actions: Defend, Counterattack