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Pilot: Banshee, APU: Sidhe

PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:23 pm
by TriumphantHero
Pilot Name: Erik Harkness
Callsign: Banshee
APU Name: Sidhe
Color Scheme: Dark Brown/ Dark Green
Sensor Color: Red
Right Shoulder Emblem (Association): PMC Horizon’s symbol, half-circle over solid bar
Left Shoulder Emblem (Personal): A pale woman's face
Head: APU-02
Torso: APU-03
Arms: APU/T-01
Legs: APU-03
Reactor: APU/T-01
Engine: APU/T-01
L/R Forearms: Heavy Plasma Cannons
L/R Hands: Heavy Missile Launchers
Backup Hand: Superheated Blade
Back: Dual Electrolasers
Missile: Heavy Apogee Motor
Pilot Traits: Reflective, Two-Weapon, Synchronized
MP: 4: Energy, 10: Init, 2: +1 Damage Dual Electrolasers, 5: Radar
SP: All-Out Attack 2, Press the Advantage 2, Advantage Denied 2, One-Shot Kill, Invincible, Split-Second Dodge, I Never Miss
+9 Evasion
+20 Init
+15 Init Increase
+9 M.Def
3 Launch Limit
Electrolaser: +13 Attack, 18d6+18 Damage, 0/0
Plasma: Dual +8 Attack, 9d6 Damage, 1d6 Step, -8/+7
Missile: +13 Attack, 18d6 Damage, 0/0

Re: Pilot: Banshee, APU: Sidhe

PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:44 pm
by TehWanderer
Hey just letting ya know, you're 2 points over your EN limit. Your reactor gives 5 EN plus the 4 from MP is 9. Your engine uses 3, 2 for your heavy plasma cannons, and 6 for your dual-electrolasers is 11.