Quick Start Preview: LR69 In Five Paragraphs

May 21, 2012 in Lunar Reckoning 69

The Past

One billion dead. Cities sundered. Nations collapsed. Humanity shattered. The Revolution stole so much – as the people Luna rose up against their masters on Earth, they began the war that changed everything. For the sake of ‘freedom’, the revolutionaries incited the collapse of the nation states that supported ATLAS. For the sake of ‘justice’, the colonies of mankind sent millions of their sons and daughters to their deaths. And for the sake of ‘revenge’, the Earth was bombarded by Relativistic Kill Vehicles, forever scarring the surface of man’s home.

The Present

Two generations later, the people of Earth, Luna, Mars, and Jupiter, under the interplanetary government known as the Union, have slowly regained some of what was lost. Due to the environmental damage sustained during the Lunar Revolution, Earth’s population now resides primarily in Megacities – huge arcology structures designed to be almost completely self-sufficient. Those who live offworld work to gather the resources required to sustain interplanetary society. And even after such devastation, war continued unabated…dominated by the Armored Personnel Unit. Read the rest of this entry →

CanGames Completed

May 21, 2012 in Island Three Productions, Lunar Reckoning 69

CanGames Demo Spread

A successful run at CanGames has been completed, and more will be released in the near future. Teamwork and Maneuvers were the key to victory for the players in this scenario, which will be released alongside the full version of this booklet soon!

This booklet is designed to be printed as a duplex from ordinary 8.5×11 sheets, as will the GM’s booklet. The character sheets delve into specific rules for the weapons each player has, while the booklet provides the rules of play.

As stated before, the previous Beta will remain free, while new updates will be given to current playtesters for their campaigns, and the Quick Start will be available for download under a Creative Commons licence. Print on demand options are also a possibility! Stay tuned.

Quick Start Preview: What is Lunar Reckoning 69?

May 13, 2012 in Lunar Reckoning 69

What is Lunar Reckoning 69?

Well, that’s very simple. Lunar Reckoning 69 (abbreviated as LR69) is a mecha tabletop role-playing game. Which is a lot of words that are likely to look like gibberish to some of you, while others will be intimately familiar with them. We’ll start with the confused parts of the audience, while those of you who know some or all of this stuff should skim or skip things until ‘But I Already Know All That!’

What is ‘role-playing’?

Very simple! ‘Role-playing’ is pretending to be someone else. When a little kid pretends he’s a ninja, that’s role-playing. When you’re acting like a customer during job training, that’s role-playing. When you pretend to be a ten year old girl online, that’s role-playing…and really creepy. What the hell is up with that, anyway?

Some people may turn their noses up at this, but really, role-playing is very common these days. Normal, every-day people roleplay in videogames, over the Internet, or with their friends in the form of tabletop RPGs. It’s just damn fun. If you’ve ever thought of what it would be like to be a pirate, a caveman, or a fighter pilot, you’ve been a roleplayer. Read the rest of this entry →

CanGames Demo, Quick Start

May 3, 2012 in Island Three Productions, Lunar Reckoning 69

CanGames Demo - Sunday, May 20, 2012

It’s confirmed! Lunar Reckoning 69 will be making an appearance at the Ottawa, Canada-based convention CanGames on May 20, 2012 in the 9 AM time slot. A four hour demonstration game for five players, this demo game will consist of an original adventure known as “Hull is Burning” – taking place in the Gatineau region of Quebec, players will get to test out different APU builds and get to experience a full range of tactical options, Personal Skill challenges, and enemy forces. New rules are being used for this demonstration, which include new build options and offensive and defensive capabilities.

With this announcement comes another. After the CanGames demo, a new Quick Start version of the game will be released! This will form a preview for the changes to come and be the primary method of release from now on. The old beta, currently available in the forums, will receive a few updates and remain freely available. As for the future, well…only time can tell, and future plans will have to remain a secret for the moment.

Don’t know about the game? Click the link below to find out more.

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May 3, 2012 in Lunar Reckoning 69

Horizon Earth Division Logo

PMC Horizon, Earth Division

It’s a hell of a world we live in.

It’s all the same story. Throughout history, people have proven that they’ll fuck one another over every single chance they get. Politicians will sacrifice their ideals for a few bucks. Great revolutionary leaders will become petty warlords and exploit the very people they sought to save. And worse than any of those are the people without even the pretense of good intentions, those who will set the world on fire just to watch it burn. Read the rest of this entry →