Artistic Update

October 27, 2012 in Island Three Productions, Lunar Reckoning 69

Left to right: APU-03 Magus, APU/T-01 Shooting Star, APU-01 Warrior, APU-02 Thief

For your enjoyment, I have a large collection of shots for three new APUs – the Thief, the Magus, and the Shooting Star! Also included in this post are several enemy unit concepts. All of it after the jump!

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The Union

October 27, 2012 in Lunar Reckoning 69


The Unified Republic of Terra, Luna, Mars, and Jupiter

Let there be peace in the world.

Seven decades go, mankind narrowly averted its own extinction. Plutocrats fought against fanatics, in a war that stretched across the stars. When the founders of this great Union took on the solemn task of rebuilding what we had lost, they had hoped that mankind could one day cast off its legacy of destruction. That we could live in peace, together.

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The Global Revolutionary System

October 27, 2012 in Lunar Reckoning 69


Your life is a lie.

The Union would have us believe we live in an era of peace and prosperity. That universal peace can be achieved through force of arms. That they are the only hope for humanity’s future, one race under one system. That the era of nations is over, that their system ensures universal human rights for all the children of the Earth. That Oncari is the architect of the future, and most important of all…that Neucom is not our true master.

You sit here, at home, hooked into the Global Communication System, fed only the information that Neucom wants you to have. You believe that war and suffering will soon end, because Neucom doesn’t want you to know about war and suffering. You allow your entire life to be dictated by the GCS. You eat what they want you to eat, you watch what they want you to watch, you be what they want you to be – all while you believe that you are free.

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