Updated Personal Skills & “Hull is Burning” Preview

January 14, 2013 in Lunar Reckoning 69

In the works for some time, this Personal Skills update brings a storygaming touch to LR69‘s play pattern. This update will be in use at Game Summit, but more importantly, is free for all to read and use! This part of the system will always be freely available for use by anyone who wishes it, and for modification and redistribution at-will, under a Creative Commons licence.

This system also comes with a set of reference cards for printing, as an experiment in future character and weapon sheet concepts. If this concept proves popular, weapons, parts, and other mechanics may also be presented in a card-based format, perhaps even in anticipation of a print-based release.

In addition to the Personal Skills update, I have added an adventure preview of the Hull is Burning scenario, which will also be freely available; and Personal Skills sheets and bios for the five currently developed pregenerated characters.

As always, enjoy your time in the Lunar Reckoning,  and look forward to combat-related content and the full adventure!